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With 23 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Fawad Javed, also known as Dr. Jay, has led Brighton Dental Care to become Rochester’s beacon of dental excellence. Dr. Jay seamlessly bridges the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world patient care, ensuring not just healthy smiles, but a better quality of life for everyone who walks through their doors. At Brighton Dental Care, Dr. Jay’s unwavering commitment to holistic oral health shines through in every treatment.

Dr. Jay’s dedication extends beyond the chair, too, with publications and research articles that keep pushing the boundaries of evidence-based dentistry. It’s this focus on both innovation and patient-centered care that sets Brighton Dental Care apart, making Dr. Jay the trusted smile architect you can rely on in Rochester.
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Specialized Dental Services
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Teeth Whitening

Revitalize your smile with non-invasive teeth whitening, enhancing natural enamel for a radiant result.

Family Dentistry

Elevate your family's smiles with comprehensive dentistry, nurturing natural beauty for every member.


Discover comfort and confidence with dentures, the lasting solution for missing teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Preserve teeth and ensure lasting function with root canal therapy, a solution to save infected or decayed teeth.


Tooth extractions are last-resort solutions, often sought for reasons like decay, wisdom teeth impaction, or orthodontic adjustments.

Fluorides & Sealants

Enhance dental protection with Fluorides & Sealants, guarding against decay and promoting long-lasting oral health.

Dental Expertise
Transform Your Smile

At Brighton Dental Care, we understand that achieving the smile of your dreams doesn’t always require drastic measures. Our Clear Aligner Therapy, also known as Invisalign, offers a discreet and gradual approach to improving your smile. With Invisalign, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the gradual yet impressive changes that can happen over time.

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liz fisher
liz fisher
Excellent care.Highly knowledgeable of the procedures done.The entire experience and staff were great!
sherea nichols
sherea nichols
Staff was great, Dr j explained to me in details what options I have. I will be using them for my dental, thank chuck for the referral.
Richie Hare
Richie Hare
Dr. Javed is not only competent, he’s a nice guy with a very good staff. My wife and i both like this office. Update, he’s still excellent and we like his office even more!
Tracey Mustaca
Tracey Mustaca
So kind and thorough, great to my elderly parents as well 😀
louise rochford
louise rochford
I recently brought a disabled adult to Dr Javed for second opinion regarding a proposed dental procedure. Due to Dr J's expertise, my son avoided some dental discomfort from an unneeded procedure. Also following the visit Harry confided to me " I like him very much".
david alan
david alan
GREAT place!!
dotty lovell
dotty lovell
Had wonderful visit, fix my tooth with no Novocain. Thank you for a great teeth cleaned and the young lady did a wonderful job. I will be back!!
Ray Mulvehill
Ray Mulvehill
Autumn did a great job today. She is one of the best Dental Hygienists I have worked with . Autumn is very professional and provides excellent advice and recommendations.

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